When it comes to removing warts there are a number of treatment methods that you can try to use. One of them involves using fruits like bananas. All you need to do is apply the inside of the skin of the banana on the affected area to treat it. The banana contains antiviral properties that will help remove the warts and prevent them from returning.

Another natural way to treat warts is to use vinegar. The acidic content in vinegar will help remove the warts without much resistance. The virus that causes warts to develop can't survive in an acidic environment. All you need to do is soak the warts in vinegar with maybe a little amount of essential oil like castor oil. Even though you won't experience immediate results the warts will eventually fade away. It's essential to give the this treatment process atleast 2 months to see some positive results.

You can also soak the vinegar with a little bit of salt and castor oil to help remove the unwanted skin growth.

Another common way to treat and remove warts is to use laser therapy. With laser therapy it will kill the wart virus by penetrating the skin and killing off the HPV virus. Howevetr, keep in mind that this is the last option when all other methods of rewmoving the warts are not working. S

Soaking the warts in vinegar can also help remove the warts effectively. All you have to do is rub the warts dry up and fall off your skin. Even though this home remedy will remove the visible wart it won't stop the virus from causing more warts to appear.

To touch a little more on laser therapy to remove warts this procedure you should talk to your dermatologist to make sure this procedure is safe for you to go through with. The laser beam will apply pressure directly to the warts that are showing up on your skin. The laser will apply pressure directly to the tissues and cells of the warts. Since this procedure will only cause a slight stinging sensation so the doctor might put you under anesthesia. When you perform this laser procedure sometimes it will take a few days for your skin to heal from the wounds that it causes.

The good thing about laser treatment warts is the fact that it won't cause any kind adverse reactions while it is being performed. The cost of this treatment can definitely be too expensive for most people. However, the cost of the treatment will ultimately depend on how big the warts are and the location where they are at.

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