There are a lot of home remedies for warts out there. One of these remedies known to help with wart removal are pineapples. This fruit is known to help remove warts due to the acidic content it contains. The strong acids in pineapples helps fight off viruses such as the one that causes warts to develop. Some of the acids in pineapples known to help remove warts naturally include: ascorbic acid, quinic acid, isocapronic acid, citric acid, malic acid, and valerianic acid.

These acids help remove warts and also kill off the virus that causes them to survive. In order to use pineapples you will need to place a piece of this fruit on top of the affected area. Use a bandage to help keep the slice of fruit in place over the warts. Keep the pineapple over the warts for a few hours before removing. The longer you can keep the pinapple slice over the warts the better it will help remove the warts for good. It's best to keep the sliced pineapple over the wart over night while you're sleeping. When you wake up in the morning remove the bandage and the pineapple. Keep repeating this procedure for a few months until you notice positive results.

You can also use grapefruit to help get rid of warts naturally. Just like pineapples grape fruit contains a very high acidic content that will help fight off warts and the virus responsible for them growing. The high level of citric acid will help fight off the virus and prevent warts from returning. To apply the grapefruit remedy simply cut open the fruit and squeeze out the juice. The juices from the grapefruit will immediately go to work removing the warts in a faster manner. You can tape a slice of the grape fruit directly over the warts to help make this treatment more effective. Keep on applying the citric acid from the grapefruit over the warts a few times each day to get the best results.

Banana peels can help remove warts naturally also. This natural remedy is effective because it will cure the warts while not damaging the skin. Using a banana peel is definitely effective for all kinds of warts, but it's mostly used to treat common warts. When you keep applying the banana peel to the warts you should notice them going away within a couple weeks. You can slice a piece of the banana peel and tape it on your warts. Make sure you cut the piece of banana peel that's big enough to cover the entire warts on your skin. After you remove the banana peel clean off the area and use an emery board to scrub the warts off. Keep on repeating this procedure for a couple weeks in order to get the best results.

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